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PeoplePlus Sponsor Learner Lewis Newton in Boxing Match

share April 30, 2022Posted by: Sinead

PeoplePlus is proud to have recently sponsored one of our learners Lewis Newton (semi-professional boxer) at the D-Day Weekend show at The Fed in Newcastle. 

Lewis started a Security course with PeoplePlus and whilst speaking to his career coach Sharon Lynn he mentioned he was training hard for an upcoming fight. As an organisation PeoplePlus is committed to not only supporting our learners with employability but also supporting their passions. We recognise that without the backing of sponsors, the dreams and futures of these fighters just wouldn't be possible. It would be over before it had even started. 

Lewis was genuinely grateful for the sponsorship deal and it removed some of the financial burden. We had our logo on his t-shirt and he posted a series of Instagram posts promoting our services to his over 1500 followers. 

Whilst training for his fight Lewis kept studying hard at the centre, he has since passed his security exams and has received his SIA licence. He plans to use this in the future to find work in the security industry. 

Lewis won his fight in the first minute of the first round, we are so glad that all his hard work and commitment has payed off both in and out of the ring!

We wish Lewis all the very best in everything he does, it was a pleasure to have supported him!

share April 30, 2022Posted by: Sinead