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wellbeing for the workforce
wellbeing programme for employees

Look after your workforce wellbeing

When you run a business, it’s almost like another family to look after.

And like in any family, it’s important to be supportive.

That’s where our wellbeing solution comes in.

We’ve developed our 'YouCan Programme' to provide employers with the tools they need to ensure they have happy, healthy and resilient teams.

Did you know 1 in 6 people experience a mental health issue at work? It's now more important than ever to support your employees wellbeing

Offered remotely or in person, this programme has been been carefully designed by our team of experts.  It helps improve productivity and performance, retain talent and reduce the need for time off for poor wellbeing related concerns. It is made up of four two hour sessions, and additional peer to peer support. YouCan helps participants prioritise their wellbeing and develop the tools they need to make positive changes to their daily life.

We’ll help you to understand and manage your teams to bring the best out of them.

The four sessions are:

  • YouCan Be You - explores emotions and coping strategies for work and life
  • YouCan Bounce Back - looks to improve resilience, confidence, self esteems and tackles burn out
  • YouCan Be Healthy - introduces small changes that make big differences through sleep, exercise and healthier lifestyles
  • YouCan Do It - encourages positive thinking, mindfulness techniques, being thankful and creating a practical plan for the future

We can deliver the programme at a time that best suits your staff and business needs, including in the evening. 
Wellbeing packs to support participants with their improved wellbeing journey can also be provided.

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“The YouCan leader is amazing, and has the ability to promote a friendly, safe and relaxed environment to help everyone feel welcome, included and valued during these sessions” Participant on the YouCan Programme

We carry out a lot of training at Siemens, and I can confidently say PeoplePlus is right at the top. I would definitely recommend them.

—Sharon Proctor, Health Promotion Officer, Siemens

We work with 1700 employers across Britain

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