Business Administration

Levels 2, 3 and 4 in the National Qualifications Framework

Modules covered

Work in a Business Environment, Communicate Effectively, Manage, Improve or Evaluate Performance in a Business Environment, Risk Assessment and Management


The minimum duration for completion is at least 12 months for Intermediate level and 18 months for Advanced level, unless prior learning or experience apply and can shorten the minimum time.

Career path

Business Administration is applicable to many industries and jobs, and the career path may differ based on the level of the Apprenticeship you undertake. Popular job roles following completion are Administration and Clerical Assistant, Data Entry roles, Secretary and Office supervision.

Entry requirements

There are generally no entry requirements for the Business Administration Apprenticeships levels 2 and 3, however, English and maths at level 2 will be a mandatory requirement for those wanting to complete the Higher (level 4) Apprenticeship. Employers may also sometimes impose their own requirements in line with their recruitment process. All applicants will complete an initial assessment with us to ensure they are placed at the right level of the Apprenticeship.