Outsourcing Your Enterprise Service

If you’re a Local Enterprise Partnership, college, council, housing association or private sector business required to provide an enterprise service to the local community, we can design a solution tailored to your needs.

With over 30 years’ experience helping people to become self-employed and getting new businesses off the ground, we have the expertise and the track record to help you deliver your enterprise service. We are a nationally recognised business support organisation accredited by SFEDI, the not-for-profit standards setting body for Business Enterprise Support in the UK.

We’ve helped create over 50,000 business start-ups in sectors as varied as construction, online, fashion, hospitality and more. Armed with enthusiasm and expertise, we’re ready to take on the delivery of your enterprise service.

How we can help

  • If you have an existing enterprise service which has been decimated by lack of funding, we can work with your team and provide support
  • We can offer business start-up advice and support to residents and students, reduce the risk for landlords and housing associations and improve employability and destination rates for colleagues
  • We can provide a full enterprise service for organisations that need to offer business growth and support capabilities but lack the resources
  • For organisations with a mandate to help specific community groups, we can provide a bespoke enterprise service

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