Claire Nagle, from Hyde, is the first Work Programme jobseeker placed in work to benefit from the Skills Support for the Workforce programme in the North West.

Claire, 37, first came to PeoplePlus as a jobseeker looking for employment support. With the help of our capable team in Birkenhead, Claire secured a job with Russell & Russell Solicitors in Middleton, as a Sales Representative for Personal Injury legal services in August 2014. As part of the ongoing support relationship post-employment, Natalie Daniel, Work Skills Officer, approached Claire to find out if she’d be interested in pursuing courses to improve her performance and knowledge in her role.

Supported by her employer, Claire fully embraced the opportunity – Natalie and Claire then sat down to discuss and identify the courses best suited to her and her role.

“Working as a personal injury marketing representative at a stand in a shopping mall, I was unsure about which courses would be relevant to my job. However I have found all the courses I have done so far to be really helpful.”

Following the discussions with Natalie, Claire soon set out to complete relevant courses in Sales Techniques, Health and Safety, Customer Service and Time Management.

“The Health & Safety courses have given me a better understanding of client accidents at work and the liability of their employers. When taking the enquiries I have applied my knowledge of body language, listening skills and data protection.”

Since the completion of her modules, Claire’s employers at Russell & Russell are noticing the added value of the courses undertaken and are giving her more responsibility, including that of training new starters!

Claire notes the difference that the modules have made to how she’s approaching these new challenges at work:

“As I have trained two new starters recently, the management modules have been very useful. I have looked at the job specification/description and delegated tasks accordingly.”

The skills and knowledge gained on the courses are not only proving extremely useful in her day-to-day job but also in her life outside of work: “I have even used the negotiation training when making some large purchases outside work recently!”

All in all, Claire is very grateful for the opportunity and the support received from her Work Skills Tutor and In-work Support Mentor whilst acknowledging the quality of the material provision: “Overall I've found the courses well written, easy to understand, enjoyable to do and a must for every employee and employer.”

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