Host Employer Opportunities

Stunning Training Space Meets Business Needs

We work with local employers to build a training environment that replicates their real business activities within our Employment Training Centres. This enables to train jobseekers on the Work Programme with the business-specific knowledge and skills needed to fill their vacancies.

As a Host Employer, you will have the confidence and security of knowing that your prospective employees are being trained in an environment that meets your standards.

You can join us on site as a Host Employer in our Employment Training Centres in Aston, Tipton, and Kings Norton.

Our innovative and spacious Training Centres provide a flexible environment for training facilities set-up, enabling us to prepare candidates for your vacancies. Currently in our sites, we train jobseekers for jobs in retail, catering, warehouse, car manufacturing and assembly, delivery and distribution working in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover, UPS and Ocado and more.

What Are The Benefits?

As a Host Employer in our Employment Training Centres you could benefit from a range of features, all designed to ease your staffing and training requirements.

  • Free set-up and installation of workplace areas
  • Equipment, facilities and floor space to meet your needs
  • Bespoke recruitment solutions and training to find the right candidates
  • Replicated on-the-job work experience, guidance and support

More importantly, our model is designed to ensure that the experience offers you tangible value. Our Employment Training Centres will save you time and money as there is no direct cost for our service. By working together we are providing participants on the Work Programme with the experience and skills needed to match your vacancies.

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